RPG/FPS Game Assets for PC/Mobile Industrial Set v3.0


I began build up this pack resources for assist outside the box with gaming engineers, and every individual who wants to make FPS or RPG games for portable or PC stage, and acknowledges the nature of substance 

Whats new in the 3.0 pack? 

Include new Demo scene Map_v2 

Include new Pipe sets: 

Pipes_set_v1 (8 new prefabs) 

Include new Hangars: 

Hangar_v2 (10 new prefabs, 2 with inside) 

Hangar_v5 (21 new prefabs) 

Hangar_v6 (4 new prefabs) 

Hangar_v7 (1 new prefabs) 

Include Bags_on_pallet_v1 (2 new prefabs) 

Include Support_set_v1 (39 new prefabs) 

Include Fans_v1 (2 new enlivened prefabs) 

Include new Skybox (1 new surface) 

Include Smoke particles (1 new prefab) 

Include new surfaces for Cargo_container_v1 (2 new surfaces) 

See the Screenshots and recordings for additional subtleties 

Highlights of this pack, low polygons tally, and streamlined calculation 

All prefabs have the right direction 

Position/pivot - Set to 0 

Size all things considered - Set to 1


Total file size 361.60 mb
Releases current ver. 3.0.0
released May 18, 2018
Supported Unity versions or higher

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