Rocky Hills Terrain Pack


Rough Hills Terrain Pack is a bundle of 10 territory networks for use in your Unity ventures. Low poly (2000 triangles) forms additionally included. NEW v1.5: Better help for Unity Terrains with custom splat guides and surfaces. Improve a looking FPS! Highlights: 

- 10 ground networks 100mx100m in size. 

- 10 16bit splatmaps to apply to your Unity Terrains for precise surface circulation. 

- 2048x2048 diffuse and typical guides; a set for each work. 

- 16bit greyscale RAW guides for Unity Terrains 

- Daylight skybox. Each side is 2048x2048. 

- Looks incredible on portable! Note: Clouds appeared in some screen captures are from 3D Cloud Models bundle.


Total file size 491.10 mb
Releases current ver. 1.5.0
released Dec 18, 2017
Supported Unity versions or higher

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