Rocky Hills Environment Pro Pack


Make certain to follow the improvement strings for more data and conceivable new assets/refreshes! 

Improvement Thread 

Great condition bundle for AAA games V 2.0 

Highlights and form refreshes: 

• Improved work geography with higher poly 

• Remade materials for PBR 

• Unique bluff lattices with 4 lod levels 

• Modular rocks with 4 lod levels 

• 296 prefabs complete (upgraded networks, blend prefabs and then some) 

• 355 models 

• 2K and 4k surfaces (cavern and trees) 

• An assortment of ground tiles for summer, fall and winter 

• Unique wood surface tiles 

• Unique 4k tree rind surface with roots 

• 16 particles 

• 2 shaders for greenery and snow spread 

• Mesh and ground splats including day off 

• Summer, fall and winter seasons for all benefits 

• 46 trees and 63 hedges 

• AAA Grass models with varieties and wind + territory form 

• All trees and plants currently have practical breeze 

• 7 Example scenes with 4 landscapes, one tremendous territory map 

Resources ought to be pretty asset concentrated however there is an opportunities for use on lower-end stages


Package contents 2.20 gb
Releases current ver. 2.0.0
Current released Mar 15, 2019
Supported Unity versions or higher


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