POLYGON Military Pack


A totally enormous low poly resource pack to construct your fantasy game! No compelling reason to scour the store searching for packs that coordinate, this is a very exhaustive resource pack for all your military needs.

Particular areas are anything but difficult to bits together in an assortment of blends.

More than 1500 Detailed prefabs are incorporated with this pack.

Key Features

- Fully Modular Weapon System

- Super Customizable Characters

- Desert Themed Buildings and Environments

- Buildings have enter-capable Interiors!

- Full Military Arsenal!

- Includes a MASSIVE demo scene - (Character presents characteristic as it were)


Characters (x23)

- Bomb suit Male, Civilian Female 01, Civilian Female 02, Civilian Male 01, Civilian Male 02, Contractor Female 01, Contractor Male 01, Contractor Male 02, Ghillie suit Male, Insurgent Female 01, Insurgent Female 02, Insurgent Male 01, Insurgent Male 02, Insurgent Male 03, Insurgent Male 04, Insurgent Male 05, Leader, Pilot Female 01, Pilot Male 01, Soldier Female 01, Soldier Female 02, Soldier Male 01, Soldier Male 02.

- Plus x10 Soldier Preset Characters

Character Attachments (x169)

- Backpacks, Beards, Hair, Hats, Helmets, Pouches, Weapon Accessories, and so on.

Vehicles (x27)

- Tanks, APCs, Helicopters, Jets, Trucks, Vans, Cars, Motorbike and so on

Vehicle Attachments (x56 )

- Aerials, Cloth, Containers, Canopies, Armor, Lights, Flares, and so on

Weapons (x20)

- Pistols, Shotgun, LMGs, Rifles, ARs, Rocket Launchers, Knives, Grenades/Explosives and so on

Weapon Attachments (x84)Weapons (x20)

Bi-units, Flashlights, Fore-grasps, Muzzle Breaks, Suppressors, Rails, Under-barrels, Scopes, Cross-hairs, and so on

Particular Weapon Pieces (x92)

- Fully particular weapon parts including Barrels, Bodies, Grips, Hand-watches, Handles, Iron-sights, Magazines, Rails, Stocks, Triggers, and so on

Particular Weapon Presets (x14)

- Heavies, AR's, SMG's, and Snipers

Structures, with insides (x197)

- Shops, Village Houses, Doors, Ruins, Monuments, Tents, Barracks. Overhangs, Guard Towers, Oil Rigs, Pipelines and so on

Condition (x114)

- Bushes, Cacti, Grasses, Ferns, Flowers, Trees, Roads (Dirt and Paved), Grounds, Sand Dunes, Pebbles, Rocks, Mountains, Ruins, Helipad, Runway, Sidewalks, and so on

Props (x626)

- Aircons, Ammo, Antenna, Barrels, Barriers, Baskets, Beds, Blood pools, Books, Boxes/Crates, IEDs/Explosives, Carts, Chairs, Tables, Shop Items, Pipes, Electronics, Fences/Walls, Gym Equipment, IEDs, Lights/Lamps, Money Stacks, Plates/Pots, Powerboxes/Powerlines, Rubbish/Debris, Sacks, Satellite Dishes, Statues, Wardrobes/Lockers, Water Tanks, Missile/Launchers, Radios, Radar, Military Control Rooms, Oil Pipelines/Tanks/Pumps, Rugs, Signs, Posters, Flags, and so on

Things (x39)

- Battery, Binoculars, Book, Bullets, Cans, Canteen, Cigarette, Clipboard, Crowbar, Earmuffs, Masks, Goggles, Laptop, Food, Pencil, Pouches, Sunglasses, Tape, Radios, and so on

FX and Decals (x31)

Shot Hit Decals, Blood Splatter, Dusts, Smokes, Fires, Gunshots, Explosions, Jet Booster, and so on


File size: 128.10 mb
Latest version: 1.0.0
Support Unity versions: 2017.4.39.0 or higher

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