Survival Animset Pro vol.2


This pack contains 60 endurance and making themed activitys for Third Person Perspective (TPP) characters. 

Watch this TUTORIAL prior to purchasing. 

Download TEST ANIMATION prior to purchasing. 

The movements are ideal for open world and sandbox endurance games, where you camp, need to drink and eat, assemble cover, create weapons, fix wounds and so forth They are likewise extremely supportive for NPC characters populating rustic and dreamlands. 

This pack doesn't contain a character regulator. 

The activitys are heated on Autodesk HumanIK organized skeleton (local for Maya and Motionbuilder) and are in FBX design. The skeleton is the equivalent in all Kubold packs, aside from the additional prop and IK bones, which are explicit to Survival Animset Pro.


Package contents 18.30 MB
Releases current ver. 1.0.0
Current released Oct 9, 2018
Supported Unity versions 2017.1.0.0 or higher

Eyes Animator


Eyes Animator is part which will energize eye circles to act like genuine or to carry on more animation like, it's up to you! 

Eye development is a little detail thing, yet when it abruptly show up in your undertaking, you can feel that it was genuinely absent. 

Part have instinctive settings which you can use to plan your custom development for eyes. 

Activity is procedural and constatly arbitrary - no reiterations, it's just utilizing game article's turn. 

All you require to have are eye circle models or eye bones in your 3D model. 

Local area Thread Link 

Principle highlights: 

- Includes intuitive demo scenes 

- Includes full source code with analysis 

- Simulating eyes' focal point slack for more authenticity, which impact you can change utilizing basic slider 

- Random eyes development reenactment, with various presets: 

From quiet through apprehensive to psychical prompts - development of eyes when somebody is lying/attempting to recollect sound and so forth 

- Eyelids squinting liveliness uphold 

- Implementation to help out Look Animator


Package contents 5.10 MB
Releases current ver.
Current released May 27, 2019
Supported Unity versions or higher

Rocky Hills Environment Pro Pack


Make certain to follow the improvement strings for more data and conceivable new assets/refreshes! 

Improvement Thread 

Great condition bundle for AAA games V 2.0 

Highlights and form refreshes: 

• Improved work geography with higher poly 

• Remade materials for PBR 

• Unique bluff lattices with 4 lod levels 

• Modular rocks with 4 lod levels 

• 296 prefabs complete (upgraded networks, blend prefabs and then some) 

• 355 models 

• 2K and 4k surfaces (cavern and trees) 

• An assortment of ground tiles for summer, fall and winter 

• Unique wood surface tiles 

• Unique 4k tree rind surface with roots 

• 16 particles 

• 2 shaders for greenery and snow spread 

• Mesh and ground splats including day off 

• Summer, fall and winter seasons for all benefits 

• 46 trees and 63 hedges 

• AAA Grass models with varieties and wind + territory form 

• All trees and plants currently have practical breeze 

• 7 Example scenes with 4 landscapes, one tremendous territory map 

Resources ought to be pretty asset concentrated however there is an opportunities for use on lower-end stages


Package contents 2.20 gb
Releases current ver. 2.0.0
Current released Mar 15, 2019
Supported Unity versions or higher


Desert Terrain Pack


Desert Terrain Pack is a bundle of 10 landscape networks for use in your Unity ventures. Low poly (2000 triangles) forms additionally included. Highlights: 

- 10 ground networks 100mx100m in size. 

- 2048x2048 diffuse and ordinary guides; a set for each work. 

- 16bit greyscale RAW guides for Unity Terrains 

- Desert skybox. Each side is 2048x2048. 

- Looks extraordinary on portable!


otal file size 267.60 mb
Releases current ver. 1.1.0
released Oct 16, 2017
Supported Unity versions or higher

Rocky Hills Terrain Pack


Rough Hills Terrain Pack is a bundle of 10 territory networks for use in your Unity ventures. Low poly (2000 triangles) forms additionally included. NEW v1.5: Better help for Unity Terrains with custom splat guides and surfaces. Improve a looking FPS! Highlights: 

- 10 ground networks 100mx100m in size. 

- 10 16bit splatmaps to apply to your Unity Terrains for precise surface circulation. 

- 2048x2048 diffuse and typical guides; a set for each work. 

- 16bit greyscale RAW guides for Unity Terrains 

- Daylight skybox. Each side is 2048x2048. 

- Looks incredible on portable! Note: Clouds appeared in some screen captures are from 3D Cloud Models bundle.


Total file size 491.10 mb
Releases current ver. 1.5.0
released Dec 18, 2017
Supported Unity versions or higher

Coast Landscape Racing Track


This bundle contains a coast scene usable as dashing track or a first individual 

activity game. 

The scene is just basicly enriched. 

Impact Meshes for dividers and ground, skydome and all surfaces are incorporated. 

Ideal scene for prototyping and ongoing interaction testings. 

Surfaces sizes between 1024x1024 to 4096x1024. 

The scene isn't(!) made with the Unity-Terrain. 

All out Polycount about 150.000


Package contents 123.50 mb
Releases current ver. 1.3.0
Current released Mar 1, 2018
Supported Unity versions or higher

PolyWorld Ancient East Low Poly Toolkit


Polyworld: Ancient East Low PolyToolkit is the second emphasis in a set-up of apparatuses and 3D fine art to make a level concealed, low poly world. Make certain to investigate the other PolyWorld Packs 

*Woodland and Ancient East have similar contents, yet just Ancient East has the unique ModifyColor content! 

NEW! V2.0! Territory Generation has been totally changed! 



- All new prefabs and props in the middle age Chinese style, most with 3 degrees of LODs for execution. 

- Exclusive Modify Color content which empowers you to make easy shading assortment in all PolyWorld networks. 

- Create your reality utilizing the natural Unity Terrain instruments and heightfields, paint vast territory surfaces, at that point convert that to a faceted, Polyworld landscape. 

- Convert any work, even characters , to the PolyWorld style. Any 3d object in the benefit store can be utilized! *blendshapes not upheld yet


Package contents 93.20 mb
Releases current ver. 2.122.12
Current released May 9, 2019
Supported Unity versions or higher